the following white text came from the guestbook.
the following red text came from my middle finger.

when i first came across you web site, i was, well, to say the least, pissed. (sorry?) see, i thought that people had started to begin to accept people for who they are (isn't 'i thought that people had started to begin to give unconditional pats on the back to others for their actions' what you really mean?), and not try to lable them as minoritys (gays are in the minority, majority has their heads on straight - no pun intended, think about it), but then i relised, wait, we live on planet earth, and that happenes everyday. dyl, listen to me, i am still completly confused, as to why, you, from what i read are a former (or something), "homosexual" would put such a web site up. (in the words of ms. morissette, "u live, u learn") you wrote you knew minornities and understood how they thought, becuase you "were" one your self. (dude, get off it, you speak like minorities are a different species of humanity) however, this web site shows me nothing of that. (nothing of what? of the fact that i know how faggots think? well, just reading this humanists' piece of trash i have learned that gays love to play the victim and sing "poor poor pitiful me" in hopes of earning other peoples' sympathy and - lo and behold -tolerance) if you did completly understand what your were experensing as a homosexual (get off it, idiot, you speak like gays are a separate species of humanity - arousal does not work differently for gays and straights, the 'gay gene' in all it's ludicrousness has been disproven - opposites attract for everyone, it's just that some people don't have their heads on straight regarding gender - the females, dare i say 'women,' who lack this gender-identity therefore will never be able to join whitney houston on stage to sing "i'm every woman"), liveing the life of one, hearing constant taunts and name calling (maybe the taunts you heard were a hint signifying that you were wrong for relishing in a disease-mongering, anti-christ, thrillseeking lifestyle, quit playing victim) - comming from people you don't even know who know nothing about you..and so forth. ("you don't know me, you can't judge me," eh? are you saying that other people must take a number and thoroughly interview you before they can form an opinion about you?) than you would understand that the gay and les community, and any other commuinty for that matter, is really looking for one thing, equality. (to take an old mtv slogan, "you can't sing the song if you don't know the words" - i assume you liked to cheat off your neighbor in grade school during tests, wanting equality when you're unqualified and when you can't see eye-to-eye and all) yes, some groups take it too far, they do look for more than equaltiy, they try to bring them selfs above an equal level with the rest of hummanity, and that as you may or may not agree is not right. but for the rest of us, who are just nomal people living normal (some what) lives are truly just trying to be happy in what ever it is we are doing. we are just trying to be people. (you're trying to deceive - from this victim-esque web-posting, to gay activists pushing for teachers to teach kindergarteners about homosexuality as if it were as necessary and as natural as heterosexuality, to the media portraying homosexuals as legitimate christians, shall i go on?) from my point of life there is no hidden, gay adgenda (you got that right, it's as plain as day), gays are not out to get anyone (tell me you don't recruit - before society's current gay-phase, heterosexual education was not taught until 6th grade - now that gays have their way, homosexual education as well as heterosexual education is taught in kindergarten!), we are not a threat to anyone (i think aids says enough to the contrary), we are just trying to live are lives normally. (normally, as in 'like everyone else' or 'like majority'?! please refer to the forementioned mtv slogan) yes, there are people who are sick of trying to live their lives as nomal people when others view them as not normal (do others view them as "not normal" because they are out flaunting their lack of gender-identity in a parade, shouting "i'm here, i'm queer, get used to it" at the top of their lungs? or maybe others don't view them as normal because they make a focused effort to be abnormal...or different. then again, maybe others don't view them as normal for no reason whatsoever - yes, i am placating you now), so they get angry and fight back, they voice your opion, write letters, etc. they make web pages, show people their opinion, but, for the most part that all it is, an opinion, an if anyone dosne't like it, well, i'm sorry. (what are you sorry for, my not liking this web-posting? actually, i do like it and i appreciate you giving me the opportunity to further reveal the err of homosexuality - or in this case, the err of a homosexual's mind-set)

anyway, i've started to ramble as i so often do, (take another puff of that cigar, you distinguished gentleman, you - gosh, you're so above me) but my point is, there are many many many differnet types of people on this world, gay, str8, black, white, etc..etc.. (i love your mentality, putting minorities before majority, runts before the rest of the pack - you forgot to put 'women, men') - and it will always be that way and i am sorry if you don't like, but get over it. (um...didn't you forget to mention 'anti-gay' people in your little diversity lecture up there...and if you did then i'll get over my insecurities with diversity when you get over yours.........mess with the bull, son, you'll get the horns) there are more impoarnt thigns to worry about, like am i am going to be able to make my next student loan payment (you don't have to flaunt it, i already consider you the young apprentice), or weathe or not you did good (did well) on you last interview. not some of the things that are disscussed in this web site. now, i know that i can not change the way your think, and for what ever reason and for what ever happened to you, you do think this way, and you also seem like a very intergllent person and i wish that you would just try to do something more productive than this. (wish all you want to - i'm gonna play your game of victim and say that you don't know anything about me or about my life and that you don't even know if there could be anything more productive in my life than writing this, in the words of rick springfield, "i wanna tell her that i love her, but the point is probably moot) either way., good luck in what ever you do, and rember that we are all just people trying to get by in our lives. (if you mean 'we' as in 'minorities' then it is as plain as day that you consider minorities a separate species of humanity...if you mean 'we' as in people everywhere, then how come you sent this letter if you truly understand that i'm just a person trying to get by in my life?)

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