this is classic. it's a better whiner's email than i could've written - nonetheless, i've written a few to the oprah winfrey show years ago. i'm way ahead of you, but let's dissect this:

any comments, please email me at thanks:) please note that this is an email i sent to oprah, but i feel that it needs immediate attention and i understand she must get millions of emails a day. thank you dear oprah i would like to start off my message by saying i catch your show when ever i can and find you an energetic and a wonderful woman who has done so many good things for people there are too many to name. (oh lord..."he" not only kisses ass better than i've ever done, "he" looks up to oprah as a fucking role model. nice gender-identity...or lack thereof) next, i however, have some bad news, (yes, you however can talk and sound educated at the same time) i had been recently surfing the internet, not doing anything exciting when i came across this web site. . being gay my self, i thought that i should check it out to see what people have to say about my self without even knowing me. (fucking classic!!!!!!! anything derogatory spoken about gays in general is a personal attack to every fag out there! listen, sean, i didn't say (or write) anything about you until you signed my guestbook...and guess what? that's how you introduced me to you and that's how i got to know you!!!) well, after i clicked through an horribly annoying enter process (heck, who was your high school english teacher - are you even in high school yet?) i found a site, that is in my opinion, the worst, and most disgrimination : ) piece of material i have ever seen in my whole life. (your whole life? seven years?) (the main site is at ). not only is the author being completely anti gay with such comments as saying he/she is "satirically exposing the lies that are the backbone of the gay agenda" or "that's it. never ever give gays the equality they so desperately want. they really don't want to be equal, they don't want to join the human race, they want to be set apart. so set the fucking bastards apart, bash 'em, deny them of equal rights because they don't want to be equal" and the list goes on and on, i would suggest getting a lawyer to go through this site to pick everything up ("i would suggest," he says like he, in all his intellectual retardation, is an authority on something), but to help you along, i did come across this and by the way, it is a part of his entire site, it is everywhere on it. "you are a satanist if you worship "your god" like god's word is customizable. yes, oprah winfrey, this includes your fat nigger ass." he is not just bashing the gay and lesbian community, a very visible minority, he is also bashing the african american community. (have you no spine, child?) he/she, must be stopped. please, don't let him get away with those comments, (haha, dry your eyes, fickle masculivoid...btw, oprah winfrey does have a fat nigger ass, like it or not) i know the chances of you getting this letter are very small, so i am going to be sending this out, to as many gay supporting sites or anyone that will hear my voice. (yes! yes! yes!!!! i've been going into the aol gay chat rooms with mention of my site in my profile for years just waiting for someone to get offended enough to spread the word!) i don't know your opinion of the gay and lesbian community, but i do know that you would probably not appreciate him or her making comments about you like that. thank you for you time sean lee (oh, i guess he's a chink...and i guess he should be excused for his misuse of the english language)

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