this was an email i received in my inbox! followed by my reactions.

27 yrs old and still saying the word "dude"...need i say anything more. in my profile, when it asked for the type of computer i owned, i wrote "dude, i got a dell". in case you are from another planet (or if you don't watch tv as i used to not do), this line is from an ad on television for dell computers. with that young man with the big smile. so, yes, mr. atlkmk1, you may want to try saying something more...if you want to insult me. oh, you did...well, let me get to those comments! i find your "site" to be a waste of time, and i find you to be full of hatred. who cares what you find my work to be? who cares what you find me to be - i am playing the role of the piteous victim when i say, "you don't know me, how can you judge me!". not that much different from your idol rush....this is why america has so many problems, its people like you who simply want to stir up garbage such as what you spew on your website. did you think before writing that line, or did you just write is because it sounded good? you're telling me that america has so many problems because there are people like rush and i who are apt to know good and who expose those who are up to no good? i'm assuming you only "pop" into a room and tell your site address then you log off real quick so you dont get any he for real?! heck, i pop into dozens, even hundreds of chat rooms...i only log off when i don't get any responses. lol like anyone is going to take you seriously when you cant even stay around to defend what you supposedly believe and support. if i stayed around to be bashed by you people, i'd get no advertising done, thank you! please get real and when you are able to actually have an opinion and discuss it like an adult, then get back with me he's speaking as if my advertisements were specifically addressed to him!, but until then just know that i dont discuss big boy issues with children, b/c they never understand. this child did not ask you to discuss "big-boy issues" with him. they only have the opinions that were expressed by their parents, they rearly nice one, dumbass! or, in this case, dumbrear! have a mind of their own. i think i just described you to a t! my dad is a democrat. i actually never really got involved in politics until age 24, when i started writing this website and exposing gays for the derelicts they are. heck, at the age of 27, i am not even registered to vote! so, no, the views expressed on this domain are entirely m - i - n - e!!!


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