waybear1: go to his website
uzmeanytym: do i really want to go to his website?
waybear1: no
waybear1: lol
headb2000: he is a weak individual, one who hides without the balls to confront
waybear1: i just can't believe that he wants to be timmothy mcveigh (sp
waybear1: sp?
uzmeanytym: or the balls in front either?
uzmeanytym: that's an interesting person to aspire to. wanting to be someone dead.
headb2000: for someone who is so vocal, he seems to be so quiet
waybear1: but yet lol..we are all talking about him
waybear1: lol
headb2000: true that
waybear1: so something worked in some weird way
brentski81: yeah
waybear1: lol
uzmeanytym: you know, i'm a pretty conservative guy. i think waco and ruby ridge were total fbi fuck up
uzmeanytym: even i think mcveigh was a loose wing nut
uzmeanytym: i'd a pushed the button personally.
waybear1: lol
uzmeanytym: but then what do you expect. he only has an iq of 133 and that's what he claims.
uzmeanytym: probabl grossly exaggerated at that.
brentski81: oh my
vwbug616: it is probably 1.33
brentski81: lol
brentski81: that sounds better
uzmeanytym: as one moves through the bell curve of intellect you pass through a fundamentally
singlenicecute: only an iq of 133--- 133 is actually quite high
uzmeanytym: complacent personality to a sociopathic introspective one then on to enlightenment.
uzmeanytym: i think 133 pretty much falls in that concept of a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous
uzmeanytym: thing
uzmeanytym: single, 133 isn't that hot. above average but not by much
singlenicecute: 150 is like almost genius
uzmeanytym: not anymore. thirty years ago but no longer.
uzmeanytym: remember, iq is a moving target that is very sociologically based.


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