member name: dylan. i'm coming to terms with my lust for my own gender at my website
sex: male
marital status:
hobbies: i've already come to terms with: 1) gays who think god's unconditional love is an unconditional entry into heaven, 2) how gays blame their sexual-states on genetics (ie, "it's just the way i am"), 3) how masculine insecurities breed lusts for men
computers: 4) how gays seem to use pride as a defense-mechanism, 5) how gay "men" are never man enough to be their man
occupation: 6) how most gays' buds are girls and how their hero is madonna, while maintaining that gayness is not a loss of gender-identity
personal quote: i've also come to terms with the mistake of being politically correct, and how satan wants us to be open-minded (towards sin), tolerant (of sin), non-judgemental (of sinners).

i just had to include that profile! it's simply awesome!


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