i'd assume that vtblondie75 is as queer as they come, just look at the way she thinks!

a g n a t y i: 27 ex-military, 5'11 150, see my anti-gov homopage (keyword to: http://www.jaggedlittledyl.com) & im
spenser802: homopage?
xdivine devilx: lol homopage as in anti-gay
vtblondie75: oh mr homo is back.. the ex-military gay guy
xdivine devilx: agna howcome you are gay and have anti-gay webpage?
vtblondie75: mr homo is upset cause he got kicked out of the military cause hes gay
spenser802: he hates himself?
vtblondie75: yep he does don
spenser802: damn, lucky guess 1st time out of the box
vtblondie75: lol hes to braindead
phantommoons: who jenn?
vtblondie75: or maybe hes gotten up the @ss way to much lately
vtchick38: jen!!!!!!!!
vtblondie75: the pathetic a g n amber.. the guy who hates himself cause he loves to take it up the @ss
vtchick38: that will only effect him if he has shit for brains back

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