t00l guzzler: a g n a t is anti gay homophobic with
t00l guzzler: a very sick web site.....god knows why
t00l guzzler: or how he even is allowed on aol
onlinehost: *** you are in "town square - westpalmbeachm4m2". ***
a g n a t y i: g'day "men," 27 on military leave, see my 1000 page gov site! (keyword to: http://www.jaggedlittledyl.com)
sflbimale: if you are anti gay...why are you in here?
jeffwpb: must be a bush fan
sflbimale: and...if you are rallying to destroy minorities...why don't you do so in a way that people
sflbimale: can understand
sflbimale: your website is very difficult to read.
sflbimale: reads like lawyer jibberish
jeffwpb: he's a bush fan
sflbimale: lol.
jeffwpb: bush priases defense...but cuts benefits to veterans...
(straight men go to war for love of their country, not for love of what it's gonna get them)
sflbimale: well...there are alot of hypocrates in the world
jeffwpb: ture male...sad thing here..alot of dumb guys sign on and don't know the real world


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