just wanted to send you a note to let you know that you're way too fascinated with homosexuality. aaaah!!! don't judge me if you don't know me!!! man, you spent entirely too much time to set up a whole website about it. i'm sorry, mighty kreskin, didn't mean to offend! i know that you're passionate about it but duh....don't you think there are more important issues in the world to think about. obviously not! maybe you could tell me what to think about, dare i say that i think you have made a habit of taking every class in school that didn't suit you at all!!! do i have the right? that's twisted man....you can't ignore that you just spend so much time thinking about it, instead of anything else. the only thing i am going to deny is the fact that you have any idea of what or who you are talking about. you've devoted yourself to homosexuality. don't you think that's odd? not about rapist, murderers, world hunger, war.......ect. yeah, okay, they all are so close to my heart and i'd just be so able to...wait - you just slapped yourself and other homos in the face, almost equating homosexuality to murder and rape and other problems of the world. you really think about gay guys a lot! not gay guys (dare i say "men"), but gay guys' limited mentalities. i mean a lot. you took pictures, made t shirts, wrote songs.....think of all the hours you put into thinking about men having sex with men. i think i put so many hours into thinking about the "men" who have sex with "men" - there is a difference. you're fixated on it. you're fixated on labeling anyone who is anti-gay as problematic. your obsessed with gay sex. if you really see things that way, i feel sorry for your inability to understand what you read. your fanatical. man, take a look in the mirror.....can we say "denial" i don't deny my gay lust, i pick out its' errs...can you even differenciate between self-love and self-infatuation? back

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