i wrote this after visiting the gaithersburg maryland zoo, aka comp usa:
a haven for minorities who can be assured a job not out of ability, but pity for their states-of-minority
"we got chinks, we got niglets, we got asians, we got women, they got no clue but we got sympathy!"

(written before sheryl's, "the best way to solve problems is not to have enemies," ludicrousness. stupid liberal.)

hit it!

this ain't no freakshow, cuz, baby, 'melting pot's keener...this is d.c.

"all i wanna do is have a little fun before i die," says the fag next to me, "i like liz phair,"
he's apropos to nothing, he frets unless he's filling
his life's world with thrills so thrilling, he shags for money
and he's feigned, ugly and bleeds, and i wondered if he's ever had a clue or such in his broke life
and these 'minorities' are goons like tuesday adaams, jarring ways for defiant hearts' wants
it's a zoo, because 'love the world' is "washing" our hearts, they need reg'lates,
so they were fucking "oppressed" back then, they're turks to use all these whiny sobs to renew it,
just to stay stoned just to be protected runt-dudes
but there ain't nothing like being unbeat

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