and all they wanna do is have, on us, illegal aliens taking advantage of
all they wanna do is have, on us, niggers and lesbians seeking "compassion," ugh!
all i wanna do is bash these runts until the son comes down...
...goes and damns madonna, son, and minor'ts

i'd like the hrc murdered by the morning, as billy signs their bleeding fables into law like big broth-
er, get their types of hearts outta life, every fag's like an oversized brat, beckoning absurd,
lounged dudes to trick springer-abhorred growing, maturing mens' pow'r
to dock all the bibles and buck what is sin to the lord
make 'happy couple' but a facade, gays and lesb'ans known as happy lovers
to mark them as of love and christ-wanted

otherwise, their hearts are scarred, the gays and the dykes and the minor'ties
they're bastards and they're sluts and their evil, dirty hearts so need sympathy

all i wanna do is bash these runts, i've got a feeling i'm not the only one

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