This was written before we knew of Tim's ties with muslims.

i watch her cry herself to sleep - i can't cry, share her scars
her friends are dead from okc, i wasn't sold that tim's pride's wrong
cuz he is a patriot with bite, he is the man who stands for rights

but they whine, "he's bad," and they whine and cry,
they whined with spite when they stole his life
but no matter what, i agree with he
it's the closest thing to waco, why would that be?
he'll always be a hero in my eyes

sometimes i feel him in my spine like he's been watching, molding me
he says, "so, dyl, pick up where i died" - tim, i'm not astute like thee
"but dyl, i'm your heart, dyl i'm your soul, i am your man, your wings, your role"

he'll always be, he'll always be,
he'll always be a hero in my eyes

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