come serve me. christ don't splurge, dudes.
so bone me, flaunt q, and have some fun!

i want demons when i'm broken, they hit me with an ode to play
until i grow up, i'm horny and the whore is lust, lovin' me
i'd try what's all perky, but there's people cumming everywhere
eyeing to join in their 'me' function, and so i drop the jeans i wear

as they say, "2000's nearly here, oh, party 'til your flute's outta slime"
as q likes the fun of 'hot,' he's liking night, he means the fire

i want demons when i'm broken, so do me and i'll kiss your ass
it's right to live for parties, i'm hardie, we'll have a blast
my lord is all about lust, i'm high yet i'm scared of 'right'
i'm grippin onto mike who wants ta fist me, if man's with me, i might (leeet him!)

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