it's nothing but normal - you're just fag and you would hate, throw stuff
but 'i love all' is q's pride-facade, dude
lies are sinking in, dude, just grow please...maybe we could leave queer and your fun home,
can we stop feuding, boy, can you please grow?

and men who shun queer know men of fun queers are heeding doubt, but wanting health,
saying, "blessed is the cause of our blunders, heart-bred"
your lies wouldn't sell, not anyone here was fearing like gays, like you
please don't throw me out, will we flow like pals
when we go back to school

i don't dream that you're lonely, hell, you drain yo' wood to macks who phone from hotels
and fling 'em out after you've gotten soothed
don't ya need me, pal, won't you show me - why you burning, friend, why you've been so uncool?
you think you're out to love like normal dudes?

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