the men of fun queers hate men who shun queer for feuding the lives they knew
but just check if you're calling for pious in friends
when guys were my thrill, then everything queer i'd do was for my state hued
don't disown me now, let's be known like pals when we go back to school

the men who shun queer aren't blundering now, q'd like to deem each one as depressed
cuz men who shun queers are hated, cuz the fun queers are fogged up by the questions on the brain
fag, your pleasure ain't near right, straight's the way
see you looking at guys like you're feigned, like you're shamed
like your own don't count - damn, i've a foaming mouth, i'll take a cab to school

the men who shun queer know men of fun queers are heeding doubt, but wanting health,
saying, "blessed is the cause of our blunders, heart-bred"
your lies wouldn't sell, not anyone here was fearing like gays, like you
don't be throw'n me out, i'm not mobile pal, guess it's over now
there's no getting back to school
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