no matter how hard you cry, q, i'm bashing in your "pride"
cuz you can't see truth, there's no talking to q
it's so sad you're believing all the lies q is dealing
you quack, you bawl when boyfriend's gone, just how much fun's your own life alone?

can you achieve a life without lust?
can you feel nothing inside heiney for years and still be so strong and tough, oh!
can you achieve a life without lovers?
have you healed your need for guys to say, "you're weird not to think you're man enough, bro"

why are you opposed to you? why ya bound to date or lose?
well oh man you sap, strike a pose to be mack
get some pride and soothe, john, get self-love and be strong
though i've had time to think it through, well, maybe i'm too good for q, so...

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