dick is a silly fixture on dude who's high to mate with a rick
they'll vent as their bodies' smothering mends their cries
hardly men, they wish for this:

dreamy q men in sportyard, notions of wide legs and fumes
add a woolen, curious slow wit, they're feelin' neat
to eat mens' semen and poo

how can you lust, even stand it - ungrown is the gay world, untold
gay men aren't just undemanding, gay men they just do not bother their goals
hatred's to lust man of other, yours never satisfies
why do i scream at gay lovers? q is not a proud type, self-love died

such is your will, my stomach heaves up its trembln' insides
q's got the other guys all riled up to date and mate dudes
queens, your love's no pride
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