that's fate, life starts with what is straight
hers will ache when gary's radius shoots jizz, hot n' great
why are ya worried, cain, wishing you were better
your world is corny, living for the horny
feed 'em up a crock, please, stunt growth, and so
faggots start to matter, with fear of 'right,' sounds like
liars are for hire, representing devil's flames for a government afire as the w.o.m.b.a.t's christ
"left her, was just cumming in the girlies to be surly, even proud like men"
he was keen, the daughter's baffled; dumped being bopped
don't be sad, no gays die men
uh oh, grover blows, mock temptation's on the youth; smut it's of q
waive your stealth, curb yourself, your world is horny
dicking cuz you wanna be, tell me that the fags are so benevolent - even like "right"
q's vitriolic, alcoholic, damned spites, fights christ
really, pretty kiked

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