well, the gays are wrong and they'll fight, they'll fight just for their own
on this world, we're sad and stuck with gay spite...so bash on
don't stifle your woes for anybody's 'pride,' everybody hates sometimes

one's "pride" can't admit he's wrong so he cries to change a law
if the gays will fight and moan (bash on, bash on) for their thrills and for their bones (bash on)
if you think it's time to buck these gays' spite, well bash on

everybody hates - shape blunders, make amends
everybody hates - so grow your man (grow, grow), so grow your man
but q deals like war will blow (grow, grow, grow) til tots are throned

if you want to grow, but the dykes and gays will fight your song
don't you blink, these fags are stuck in gay spite, so bash on


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