your butt is mine, gonna drill ya blind - i'll blow ya, gray your black and white
cuz gender's through, your growl's a squeal, how it hurts to find brothers cute but real (of god)
duh, lay and dawn me, make right

i'll give my womb, you'll mount and free your milky stuff all throughout me
i'll sell my blues, just watch me pout - i know mind's lame - for yours i'm roused

well, our game of pride's a-winning, and our equal rights are too
to the men, we're only fucking, but just wait til i love you

because i'm fag, i'll pack...ya
and you'll be glad and laugh, ha!
to bask in man is grand for those who don't know
like the old girls have a canc'rous plight now, lust will help discover man
that's fag

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