he comes home in the morning light, his mother says, "when you gonna get a real life"
"oh, mama dear, i'm no unfortunate son,
but gays just wanna have fun...us gays just wanna be young"

he broke in, sings and fiddles, smokes a pipe, my "father" says "wanna come and party all night"
this laddy hears you're apt to take til you're numb!
gays just wanna have fun, gays just gotta seem young

that's all that queeries want, young fun...men who perk for naked ones
oh, gays just wanna have fun...no, gays just gotta seem young

some boys say they're beautiful girls and try to get shaved from their chest, a hair-curl
they gotta see him cum, they gawk like a dunce, oh gays just oughtta see sun


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