some people pray, though they'll ever relieve their brothers' promiscuous sinning cocks
because they're lonely, they'll ever rebel, they heard somebody tell them god whores
some people need to be boning each night, they're all for mating to fix their own heads
some people pride to be leeching on, they mate for a way of support

why so, you're moaning to hear wrong is gay - why so, you wanna scream "discrimina-
tion" - cuz you're scared, but if i can be live without creepin for ties
of hotter 'love,' blowin dudes who aren't men
you can be young, even q like a child, someday you'll be not riled like your friends

some people cum from an opposite-type, young dweebs have jizzum for the better men
and although this is a plight of this dude, my adieu is an innocent stand
i am a similar man, that's how i stand, a similar man


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