sweat's comin an odor, i'm next - guy's so ripped, so i just fret harder
and my member's getting long, knowin no esteem, but the man in charge is so fine
so i go up, i'm placin it, i gotta get my lunch - hottie's making me bela -
bor! i clamour, he hates that - i gotta get my joys, the matter of fact's me!
but dude is blocked some, i'd nuzzle all his muscle but youth's a weak one
damn, i know he's for wrong and right to mesh
stickin with the god makes me ii legit 2 click...sang!

when i squeal, i host, i'm a lady's ghost - i finish last cuz i'm no mack as i grip to my hero
the bold town coward: "when hard you should deflower, be makin like a patient of temptress-vows or
you lose cuz you choose to be feudin your views, the editors all think that you're hating the all of you"
fools, q is vein, feigned and insane - i'm ashamed to wanna screw his cuz guy is really lame
unchanged since his tenor's gotten low like the mens' are
fickle isn't god, he doesn't change, he's anti-shepard - although i'm a guy who's whimisical as priss
i know that i'm just ii legit 2 click...sang!

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