you have to understand the gay-type man, mein herr
we're like her, we're on fire for real man's affairs
we'll never burn for women - backs of hands aren't rare
when you screw what's all new, then the blue type of dude wants the q through and through'...armpit hair, fared well he's armpit hair, he is too fine a bear without his clothes on
and though i used to care about lost gender-wares, i'm better off to pout and grind males
don't blab i'm blind or scared, though i see guys as rare - i'm tethered man and i am no whole sir
you're fucking bitches, pal, be glad you're known and found, i am quite lost to doubt my own man

you've gotten it, so durable and wide, you're there
i don't see much of pow'r cuz mine is fine and scarce
why should i think to boss men, i've a child's type air
so i screw, touch a man - pinch his dick, sex his pecs, riled til i'll stand like man


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