he said, "i'm not grown, cuz i've never been big and tough," so he fiddles with loving
men: "why think my man's the same as his?"
his sight's so blown cuz he's never been feeling loved by a man whose clutch leads
so guy feels guys pumping 'gainst his clit, and he's a middleman's ranking

hell, he's taked over so by queer, hot men try "thrilling" q-fared vows
when they're lonely or they're aged - man cries, "make me feel true"

i feel i'm butch with this clown - but i'm dyl, but i'm dyl
i feel i'm butch when he's 'proud' - but i'm dyl, but i'm dyl
i gotta make q regret it, i gotta make q undebted, yeah, yeah, dealt guys' will

he said, "i'm not grown, cuz i never could lie with she," like he's been livin' for lust,
he fends, "i think gay's my roots, it's mom who birthed 'em"
but i am told that he couldn't just lay with she because his man isn't near the
men who've shaped their beings and got a spine, and from the middle it hurts to 'xcel

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