he's goin' wild to the teens, but see he's blind like a child to 'turity
he's shedding things, he was dressed, what a tight nude guy
he defends, "can you see my way, i'm living, okay, i've a happy face"
but when i hear his tone, his goblins stake out on i

whoa, sweet child o mine, whoa oh oh oh, he's of the blind

he gets wild as he woos by lies, as if gays' thoughts are lame
it's great to look into his "pride" and see just how ashamed
he is, his mind is of the torn flamed gays; don't ask, he's riled so "pride" guides
he makes spiteful thunder on the plain, defiant advances fight life

whoa, sweet child of mine, whoa oh oh oh, he's of the blind
whoa oh oh oh, sweet child's a swine
whoa oh whoa oh oh whoa whoa he's of the blind

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