i wrote the first version of this from 12am to 6am on my 25th birthday

fudge-packed up my hole and he's wild when his dick is so swollen, i've been away
and because of his duration with just masturbation, he's all proud but i have found some things
though i'll take his vile cum and snuggle too, i never really wanted to treat him like aunt sue
weep on, riled things, cuz the whole q is not but a prison that divides dudes
as i teach, my view's like a father's to his third: "rock your brothers' minds like a 'ho without a purse"
"son, you slight, go freak joe - shake the hate and give him your name you say's of men"

i want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of mas - culine 'xistence
i want something else, i'm not dissin' who is gay...or bi!


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