well i was told it was known i'd be matin dicks' slime and screw the holes
was my bliss, my wood was packing butts of mack bears, styling all his shit is q's hooray
screwing all his shit would strife me up just like self-hate
we're so blocked, homos aren't found, our stuck's clock; and we lick cock jizzum to get feeling taught
but when my luck struck, i took a hint cuz christ is risen - i said "fuck depending, i'm competent"
i said, "now, guess i will bash what's q - i hate their lies, they defeat what's right, dude"
"now, guess i'll pen a wealth of rude awakes for the men"

i want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of mas - culine 'xistence
i want something else, i'm not dissin' who is gay...or bi!

i would bleed to be man who's reached his quota; he's lived a healing, a godly feeling
i would bleed to be straight, to know, then a lord undrawered just can't excite
men die if q, the deal is they've gone blind cuz opposites ignite, it's all spite

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