well, i bent down for the one who pounds me often, said, "i'm all dummy, i'm just sad and mad"
my guy said i am true to heed my gawkings," but my heart said, "no, i'm dead once he's in your ass"

and i read, "hey, witty gay, please don't eliminate pride"
"i'd fill up your being, don't mate the guys, be mine,
you'll soon be winning with me, dump the extra balls"
"i've ever been 'second one,' shooken by guys,
you fag, i'm really madder now, i'm glum and i'm dy'n"
"you owe this one, owe this life..."

"i'm bold, don't you hate me," it had beckoned, oh,
"i'm your mate, i'm the guy you've not tended to
you got rudy to shift 'round male of life,
you're just about to kiss our heart goodbye

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