it's close to midlife, some mens' grief is a-jerkin' up a storm
under the moonlight, there's me and mike and we're hosting cocks 'til dawn
we'd hide the scene, it's better shaking town because they hate it
they start to scream with sorrow's looks, their 'right' has been denied
they're paralyzed!

we need our thrills or we're not right
and no one's gonna straight q, the police won't bound to wives
we'd grow but thrill's our given right
we're fighting, all our might, to find the thriller's will in house white!

we fear the lord's plan, he's meanie-guy - who's on the left, he shuns
we fear the old man who doesn't live to get the 'me me' fun
we close our minds and grope and wish our easy fascination
will never die, we hear the teacher preaching we're of child,
voided and riled

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