male beings who, undressed, will seem an animal are joys to be fucked by, i'm so thin-boned
i've little flings of 'pride' to keep self-esteem afloat; i cried, i thought that by age twenty
it'd be grown - a mat - but it stayed unsown

gay bears, i so need, so big fella, be mine - i won't heed the bible that stood test of time
i'll make it adorned, gay renounces what's meant; be my man, stop my aching, with queer i'll amend

i'll hump your chest, i'll hump your fur, i'll hump your chest

it's making me go wild, entrancing more than gold, such aching since age nine
of guy, i'm never set in stone
i feel i'd wanna fly and i feel i'd love to know men,
i'm selling my wanna-bee debts when
men, i'm telling that i love 'em, saying "my hero"


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