gay bears, i so need, so big fella, be mine - i won't heed the bible that stood test of time
i'll make it adorned, gay renounces what's meant; be my man, stop my aching, with queer i'll amend
i'll hump your chest, i'll hump your fur, i'll hump your chest

it's naturally whimsical, your armpit-fur addiction-spurs, it's drenched and warm, but most of all
chests are something i need like food, chests and armpits i bleed to view

chests are magical, chests are cool, not everybody loves 'em but manliness they rule
chests are actually more fun, sex is best when my tongue's on one

ain't got a father, ain't got a brother,
talk to my sister, i am her double

suck my pecker, mister, i hurt so rape me
i am not a winner, i sob for kings
don't you know i'm nothing but a hurting baby boy
i think it's cuz i'm not my man of dreams

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