it ain't no joke, i'd like to find men all awoken,
see rupaul to see what is reality
and see men all to snub the sire of the fire
and to know that they are wrong in their lives for the 'me me me'
this is a love attack, few know sometimes love can bash
it's much like when your dad's stern impact will cause redass
if you've compassion not to bash 'em, not to discipline "men"
if ya say you're 'good' and that you're righteous just to say you're in synch...

then go be gay, come out, get live and stun the crowd
be proud cuz you're still a child and in the mirror's a child
but if you wallow in 'gay' and if you follow their clique
growth's often shunned, you'll find that you'll be talking like your son


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