why can't i say "yo!" why can't i say what i mean?
guy is my hero, i fret he'd think i'm some boring q fiend
why am i locked down, why is it always i hide?
i can't get unbound, i'm still a masc'line insufficient slight

i'm such a frowned guy, i don't fit in with such dudes
now i may seem drab, guy, so help and cut your way into my tomb
why am i ruled out, why am i such a slight drip?
why do i pass out when such a guy calls, says "dude, let's friendship"?

i cruised from houston to the northeast on a trip of a fretter
i'd see the men talking 'mongst themselves, what i'd not understand
now, it's like everytime i go out i always bleed to be their brother
i never make an impression on any man's thoughts who's better than clouded man's


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