you've heard "chain of love" by clay walker, no doubt. i've been telling myself i had to do a "chain of life," with the emphasis being on the line "don't let the chain of life end with q". for example, "son, your great grandfather's blood's in you, your grandfather's blood is in you, my blood's in you, preserve our memory by having children of your own with a wife instead of adopting children while wallowing in your masculine insufficiencies with a husband".

somebody write it for me and post it on the 'ms' message board. if there is a good one, i'll pay the writer $200 to $500. and if you think that's a load of ka-ka, i guess i deserve it because i don't portray myself to be too honest or trustworthy in my writings. but i am very serious, if a good one is posted then i will pay the writer either through or i'll send him a money order. be sure to leave your email address so i have a way of getting in touch with you. you also may want to email me if you post a song, so i know to look.

have fun.

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