dedicated to a gay "man" on gay o l who said i hate myself because i don't embrace my pleasure principle

you're so clueless when it comes to loving you
cuz you think that you are only true when you're getting things you want
you're a scaredy-queer cuz you've no self-esteem,
ah, product of your skin-ful needs, of your sense of "fun," your balls

i know guys hot for man have ever been insecure because they're girls on their inners, and
gays won't say "seething," they have to pose "pride," but i do see that they're bona fide as

clueless, gay things all are half-a-male,
every time they see dudes standing bare, they grow proud to form a need
and they're feigned men, dorks who'd ever-flaunt their "pride"
ah, for just the way they're fucking might never-ever see what's real

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