i must've reamed a thousand queens a-flaunting their unwilling dumb beings
but i can feel my parched esteem unsoothed when sinning with pete
now, did you read the news today? gays say self-hatred's gone to stay
but i can see the fire in their eyes, their yearnings speak of their spite

the q's say they're men, q's say esteem's bold, but the q's got one problem:
they're blocked cuz their 'love' is unfound, man they need so the gay man's an illusion

but this is the world we live in: the queens and the fags are 'with it'
us'ng them, my website's trying to make you know 'gay' for what it is

"my superman's my heart and pow'r," 'men' never see they're all unfound
these 'men' aren't real, these 'men' are lounged, they're floozy and know not what's proud

if we give pride/power and say, "fags ain't crooked or stupid,"
well then what the fuck's love all about?
slight o' guy are all gay men, they're illusions

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