it was an oversight when i made the invite
man, you're like a bold broken fella, untold
can you pull out of my hei...ney, i often sin, but guy,
you were beckoned by the dial...ated holes in my sight
i can't stand goo-goo brigades, those little boys' pride parades,
gays sell me their spite like i'm budding, not ripe
you're so big and strong, but gay, you ain't right

all i want is you to take out your tube, gay ain't dyl, don't want your goo
all i want is you to take out your tube, i'm not drunk no more, you got me fooled

well, you found my hole and then you defaced it to hell
your lay stretched the insides, ooh, i did think i would die
there is no woman in me, though "men" would like there to be
i'm not a boring man needing poles up his rectum to feel whole cont

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