i'm like a fruit cup, i been "luke" since i've been born
i am much scared of rules, "luka" weans me from my male form
can you see something isn't right? then it's my brother - we always fight
but it's act'lly my own blood, i've so blasphemous self-love, just go grasp your own 'clusions

i'd lift but i am not studly, guys cry, "rot, you're not a pal"
everything's because i'm lazy, i don't think i can be loud
and i always slip, i'm not a guy - men they laugh: "q you're a slight"
they just won't pardon anymore, cuz they've been hardened to my wars, i just won't argue...i'm a dork

no esteem or born gay? i talked to q just for amends
though i do lack, dad's why i'm gay, because i'm held blameless anyway
though sex with mike makes me feel grown, my genes are token of scapegoats
finish last, that's how i am - can you grasp just why i am - can you grasp why i'm a man

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