ha ha! well now, we call sex an act of babies
cuz there are many 'lovers' buried by horny pretenses
they're what q is seeing, so ban the wool...cuz q would grow without

or eliminate and kill em!

sex, gays think sex makes them blessed cuz now sex is pow'r
see the q's lewd and blinded fluff unlonely stints of self-type vows
you put your hands down my pants and i guess you feel crutched
man of middle, you feel fever cuz you're never man enough
you lack so much so your man-fucks undaunt your blood, you sound "i'm found"
i want you, fucker, want you murdered, kike, you sob and pout and lounge
young dicks give me headaches - ever-breaching apex,
q broke the grown-up's stock cuz they're not fine
q reigns of lying-power, girly-blood, i hate them cuz they're blind

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