i'm holdin out for mike to make me feel right, gotta pet some balls, get found
wanna get some poise, see a naked boy - when they're "men" i'm flawed, stay proud
make no omissions, i knew no dick and head'll kill the doubt just fine
hating the sap - the biblically correct - is only done to have a good spine

depressing, because in real life, the homos are feeling fogginess that voids their genders' spunk, yeah

i'm so low! a natural baby, won't fret for the ladies, men perk my world, oh so woed
feel my vagina - oops, i mean my heiney - no, don't go!
you're my attraction, feel like relaxin? i will prepare all for you, bear, fo' yo' show
i'm feeling so green, wanna squeal and gray my feel'ns

man can deal like a woman


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