some love is just of guys in the dark, they know they're gay because what's mack is what's absent,
they are feeling feigned, they hop into bed, so untilled - they just so wanna know men
i've been with 'em, fucked their absurd, upholstered, truant types of lies, now i'm scorning their worlds
tough fags seem mack and they're buff on the outside cuz what matters ain't much

now, i know you can oppose all my words, i know you've got to bruise and mock to save face
you're absurd, deny anti-gays and true all your sloth-a-ganda...don't you get blue
it's hard not to when you've betrayed your state-of-gender cuz your mother's beliefs aren't new wave
go gay your heart if you must, it's a matter of lust

q can't know what's given, what's true from what isn't, they show they're in doubt
and it's god's way they try to bout
gays pride to be bucking their blues, q will shape 'em, q's been breeding 'em clever to true
lies, so don't back their deceit or you'll walk away a fool, make them queen


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