each gay-type id my thoughts receive's a way to rid my hexed esteem
i'm feeling blundered, not so whole, when guys are gay they're fretting so
i spoke my heart, abhorred the shame, but made my peace and bade my gay
'bye-bye,' but ya'll say "dude, you're gall is really lame"

i want one moment in time when i'm more than my balls whine to be
then although guys' things make my hard-on take shape,
i'll be past blurs and daunts of age three, living
one moment in time's when i'm making the best of me
then when i am over big guys, i'll be healed, i will feel three thirds complete

i'm pissed to "need" a hairy chest, my daunted gall knows i'm much less
i've laid the man and gay was grand, queer cuz i lag


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