words - they lessen your strife, they make q seem right - they're phony, the queer type words
they pose your gay happies, make you seem glad
they're adorned - love they flaunt, but they're formed

q thinks they're grown up, they pride when ejaculating, they pride to debilitate their self-worth
q needs more, they're meek, the dykes are losers and debtors - they see taboo in beverly's teats

though they're sadder than ever, their words say they love themselves, but it's not true
cuz their actions say, "i am insufficient, so i wanna mate...mate and find my way"

q dreams are so lewd, they cry for things to show that right's as lame and boring as nerds

when you lie, you bore me - i doubt q - i hate the faggots, they're just so plastic
and their phony ways aren't true, but their lies aren't shame to them
they just don't know - their self-love is but words of hurts cont

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