gay things and their genders never agree - dudes don't like boobies, manslights like same things
q is uncheery 'round their own states of guy - they're slowly bred, girly, and so charmed by mens' lives
amend or stay in gay ways of the sass - feigned guys are owing, gay babies are crass
they think denial is guys who aren't bound - by pleasure, sex and gender, i've it all worked out

i lay - dude hangs lower i'm fake-dude, i lack
i'm such a debtor, and opposites attract (can q grow?)
thick-made dicks send lust, mine's average jack
i'm such a debtor, and opposites attract (q is lost, ah!)

seeing their brothers and naked men as things to discover - queens are such freaks, naive to their sex
guys are at ease round men, manslights get obsessed, real guys worth something and queens are a joke
slights see as 'bigoted' all who oppose - be'ngs of sloth and of lust and fun
as men who are together make them run and buck, gunned (down, raped)


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