homo, i know you're going to be upset, your "pride" has always been littler
though you should grow by now, you're hot for same things
you always taunt and fight the norm, and you feel melted unless you scorn
you're gay, so young-at-heart, oh and you're such a baby
someone is dawning, speaking out, someone q left "pride" and clueless bouts
you're still so awf'lly stressed, so you stone my ht (ml)

homo don't preach, though you'd like to think i'm a cold freak, i've been learning things
though i'm gay to your eyes, i'm leaving, not staying - oh, not staying leashed to gay things

you say i'm seething to marry she, my mind's "erased" by christ's society
babies can't see past likes, so they mask his right
such "amends" are hellish things, q lives it up - gay thing's ever-young, your song ain't all grown up
can you be without fucking dudes, you slight? sleaze!

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