q shows they're seedy, q thinks self-hate's when my writes bruise their ways as 'unreal'
like their wills are of fun, of their balls' juicy cum
q won't reread me, all they can see is a world of fun screws, and though i can suck, q is trite
gays lick men when men are taboo

i had to let it happen, i'm mad at gays so i painted the slights as untilled
looking past lust and thrills, i came unbound by their fun
and i know freedom, funny they're bound by their every 'goo-goo'
like nothing's as blessed as their balls...as everything sexual too

don't cry for me, suck my wiener, the truth is you've wrecked youself, dude
says you, denialed ways i have, your kissing is self-abolished, that's no acceptence


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