the lights are on but you're not home, as you're blind to what's your own
your heart's said to start this ache, but get a grip - it's overplayed
you can't sleep, from mistiques you're left out - incomplete
you hoax your 'pride,' but can't appease - on top of this, gay sex can't breed

whoa, you'd like to think that you've grown out of this rut, oh yeah
you know, sir, it's a hoot - you're gay and can't get enough
you know sir, come on out and say it - you're addicted to lust

you see his heiney, your fluids heat - you wonder as you blame your genes
your heart bleeds for muscle-guys - you fuckin' priss, open your eyes - it's of the mind
the way you see, the way your fun has falled to place
if there's some sense in you, don't go blind from q groups

the lights are on but you're not home, and your will is not all grown
your heart's said to tweak your mind, so follow id, act like you're five

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