blame it all on my roots, i know why the dudes start wooing a mack guy like they're
the last ones to know, to grasp what is owned, i was a fag-guy in past times of err
when i saw my desire not as queer but as riled, when i looked my past as to blame
then i wrote a few damn funny breeds of pop tunes, now q likes to call me insane!!!!!

but i've got friends in all places,
i'm in cincy now, seen my peers waving since new alsase
and i'm feeling great!
no, i'm not big on motivation, never set foot out or get some relations,
but i've got friends in all places!

well, i said q is wrong, they must hate that song - hell, i've been queer before
everything's alright, they just hate my type, i'll show myself to the door
gay guys say i'm mean, i'll never be deemed forgiven of malice - ahem,
i am a guy, sorry, you are a slight - hey - and you live in sin

i bet you didn't know that there's another verse to this song!

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