i went to the hospital to see about getting my left foot rehabilitated, and i couldn't stop thinking about the brown-eyed and hairy-chested specialist who took my breath away...what i wouldn't give to see him again!

hairy brawn of real men's bods can snare my brawn-less heart
rare's the deep-mind hercules who finds my tidings hot
in this bear's my right type, he's of my higher esteem
it ain't right, i'm lost and i burn for my king like i'm a queen

i need a hero, i'm holding out for a hero til the end of my life
he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be past all the wantings of flesh and the like
i need a hero, been holding out for a hero since pre-teenaged life
this doc is assured and this doc makes me swoon cuz this doc is so larger than life

stunned man's not past midlife with a crisis: low esteem
hung man was so calm and teached, he's someone i just have to be
facing one another, i'm blind to what he speaked
this one amazing superman has sweeped me off my feet

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