there's something wrong with the u.s.a, who's grown knows what it is: young things all rob our sight
our beings sing like a million gays, we're not sold on what is, we're sold on states-of-mind

we're living like we're kids (dudes are yelling to enjoy)
we live like spiteful kids (sue needs dealt mens' health to soar)
we hear that god forgives (q does anything for joy) we're living all in sin

there's something wrong with the u.s.a, and tykes all wanna live unoppressed by states of minor
if you can judge a black man by the actions of his friends then mister, you've just prob'ly saved your life

tell me what you think about the q.s. nation, open-minded education is getting to you?
and clinton little tells you that your mind is corny
even if his was then would you still come crawling back to him just to be cool again?
my friend, to amend, cool again to amend?

there's something christ in the u.s.a, where all minor'ties don't belong
and if you're yellin' "pro-minor'ty is my tone," must your matter be anti-god?
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